Dusted Cheeseburger Quesadillas

It seems all the hype lately is to find different ways of making a burger. Taco burgers, burrito burgers, cheeseburger pizza, smash burgers, but my personal favorite is a cheeseburger quesadilla.

And this begs the age-old question…is a burger a sandwich? People always say a sandwich is some sort of meat or vegetables “sandwiched between bread”. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is a taco a sandwich? My opinion is no, all of these things have their own unique names because a sandwich is just that…a sandwich! Some cold cuts between two pieces of regular SANDWICH bread.


So, is a cheeseburger quesadilla a burger? Technically…I would say no, but I promise it tastes just as good if not better! AND by using a tortilla instead of that thick bun it feels like a lower-calorie option while still getting that great flavor (at least I like to tell myself that…so don’t rain on my parade okay?!).

I have tried the taco smash burgers at home where you just put a ball of meat in a pan and smash it down with a tortilla. All the videos online make it look so easy, but let me tell you, the grease in your kitchen at home is out of control!

This cheeseburger quesadilla is such a fun and easy way to make a quick meal at home that everyone will enjoy. It’s honestly one of the best meals to start teaching your kids how to cook, or showing your husband how to make a meal so he can survive while you’re out of town on a work trip (but who are we kidding, he’s picking up fast food anyway…one can only try).

Dusted Cheeseburger Quesadillas

Dusted Cheeseburger Quesadillas Recipe

Prep time:

10 mins

Cooking time:

5 mins


3-4 people


  • Large burrito-size flour tortillas (3)
  • ½ lb ground beef
  • 1 tbsp Dusted
  • ½ Spanish onion diced
  • 18 - 20 good dill pickle sandwich chips
  • 2 small Roma tomatoes diced
  • 8oz bag shredded cheddar cheese
  • ½ cup mayo
  • 2 tbsp mustard
  • 3 tbsp ketchup

Recipe Instructions

  1. Heat up a Blackstone grill on medium-high (or cast iron skillet over the stove)
  2. While heating make your sauce by combining mayo, mustard, and ketchup - set aside
  3. Break apart ground beef into small pieces over the grill or skillet and season with Dusted
  4. Once browned remove from heat, leaving any fat or oil from the meat on the grill/skillet
  5. Place diced onions on the Blackstone and turn to medium heat, cook until translucent then add to bowl with cooked ground beef and combine the two until onions are fully incorporated in the meat mixture
  6. Keeping the heat at medium throw a flour tortilla on the Blackstone or skillet
  7. Layer your ingredients onto one half of the tortilla on the grill in this order: sauce, shredded cheddar, ground beef, chopped tomatoes, dill pickle chips, more shredded cheddar
  8. As soon as you are done layering on one side of the tortilla take one more tbsp of sauce and spread it over the other side
  9. Immediately fold over that side of the tortilla onto the other side and press down allowing the cheese to melt
  10. Give the quesadilla 30 more seconds on that side then flip
  11. Cook for 1 minute on the other side then take off grill and serve with a side of extra sauce for dipping (Optional: Serve over a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce)

Recipe Video

Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to make Dusted Cheeseburger Quesadillas that melt in your mouth. They taste just like a cheeseburger but are a much lighter treat!