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The Scorch by FlameKing stands out as a remarkable addition to the indoor grilling market, striking a balance between rapid cooking technology and convenient design, making it a must-consider for meat lovers and culinary enthusiasts alike. In this review, I will explore both the strengths and some of the challenges of using this innovative grill.

Design and Setup
The Scorch boasts a sleek, user-friendly design. Its digital display, which accurately shows time and temperature, is intuitive and easy to read, enhancing the cooking experience right from the start. The grill's setup is straightforward and requires minimal effort, a welcome feature for those who dread lengthy assembly processes. Additionally, cleaning up is just as easy, thanks to its thoughtful construction, which simplifies maintenance without compromising on efficiency.

Cooking Performance
Equipped with the capability to reach up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, the Scorch excels in fast cooking, allowing you to sear steaks to perfection in minutes. This high heat is ideal for achieving that desirable char on meats, from beef steaks to pork chops, and even more gamey options like lamb and goat. However, the cooking experience does have its nuances. While the grill operates impressively with individual steaks, its capacity to handle multiple large items simultaneously is limited. This could be a drawback for those looking to cook for larger groups, as preparing several steaks at once can become a logistical challenge, potentially affecting the timing of your meal.

Utility and Flexibility
The Scorch's versatility extends beyond meats; it can also handle vegetables and fish, though these require careful monitoring due to the intense heat. The grill's multiple rail system, which allows the cooking grate to be positioned at various distances from the ceramic heat element, is particularly beneficial here. It offers significant flexibility, adapting to different types and thicknesses of food. Yet, the enclosed cooking space, while efficient, means you miss out on visually monitoring your food's sear and sizzle—often half the fun of grilling.

Indoor and Outdoor Use
One of the Scorch's key features is its adaptability for both indoor and outdoor use, powered by electricity. This flexibility means you can enjoy grilled foods year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Its electric design also ensures it can be used in any setting that provides access to a power outlet, underlining its utility as a go-to grill for everyday cooking.

Aesthetic and Storage
On an aesthetic note, while the Scorch may not be the centerpiece of your kitchen appliances, its professional look is certainly not displeasing. However, its size and form factor mean that it won't seamlessly integrate into every kitchen counter setup, and some might find it requires dedicated storage space when not in use.

Safety Features
Safety is a prominent consideration in the design of the Scorch. The grill is well insulated, allowing it to be used on a variety of surfaces including wood and laminate without risk. The necessity of using an insulated potholder to handle the grill and its components post-cooking is a reminder of the high temperatures it reaches, and adherence to safety guidelines as outlined in the user manual is advised.

Overall, the Flame King Scorch is a robust indoor grill that promises to bring the joy of grilling indoors without significant compromises. Its ability to quickly sear meats to perfection, coupled with easy setup and cleanup, makes it an attractive option for those seeking the grilled flavor without the fuss. However, for those planning to entertain larger groups or who enjoy the visual aspect of grilling, some of the limitations mentioned may warrant consideration. Nonetheless, the Scorch by FlameKing is a compelling choice, capable of transforming how you cook and enjoy your favorite grilled dishes.

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Final Verdict

With a little practice this grill can put a great sear on a steak. Not a fan of the fact we can really only scorch 1 steak at a time, so not ideal for larger groups.


Weight 30 lbs
Product Dimensions 14"D x 16"W x 12"H
Wattage 200 watts
Warranty Basic Manufactures Warranty
What’s Included Grill, Grilling Plate, Broiler Tray, Handle