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The Blackstone griddle is a popular choice among grilling enthusiasts, and after a thorough testing, it's clear why it garners such attention. Here’s a detailed review of the Blackstone griddle based on this months Grillaways!

Build Quality and Design The Blackstone griddle impresses with its robust build. The handle and knobs are particularly noteworthy—thick, cool to the touch, and with a high-quality shine that adds a touch of class to the overall design. However, there's a slight hiccup with the griddle cover. It is unexpectedly lightweight and doesn’t sit flush on the left side, causing it to rub against the edge and descend sideways. This design flaw could be a minor annoyance, detracting from the otherwise stellar construction.

Heating Efficiency One of the griddle’s strong points is its ability to heat up swiftly, a convenience that any grill master would appreciate. While it offers good control over the temperature, it falls just short of reaching the intense heat needed for that perfect, quick sear on steaks. It seems keeping the lid down might help achieve higher temperatures, but this raises concerns about overcooking, especially for thicker cuts. This was evident when initially undercooking a filet, although subsequent attempts with thinner steaks proved more successful.

Cooking Experience Despite the challenges with temperature management, the Blackstone griddle shines when adapted to its capabilities. With the lid down, steaks finished soft and perfectly cooked. Its spacious surface makes it ideal for entertaining large groups, easily accommodating multiple steaks, burgers, and hotdogs simultaneously. The initial reluctance to embrace its full potential gives way to appreciation with familiarity and adjustment to its heating quirks.

Community Endorsement and Versatility The Blackstone griddle isn’t just a product; it’s a phenomenon, especially evident in the social media buzz with hashtags like #blackstone and #blackstonegriddle amassing over a billion views on platforms like TikTok. Users rave about its versatility, likening it to the "Swiss Army knife of cooking appliances." Indeed, the ability to prepare everything from breakfast staples like pancakes and eggs to dinner delicacies such as Cajun stir-fry underscores its utility.

Practical Benefits Users highlight several advantages of the Blackstone griddle that go beyond cooking versatility. These include its ease of use, rapid cooking capabilities, and the ability to cook large quantities of food efficiently. The patented rear grease management system makes cleanup a breeze, further enhancing its appeal. The convenience of having fewer pots and pans to clean is a bonus that resonates with many.

Culinary and Social Joy The Blackstone griddle transforms cooking from a chore into an enjoyable and engaging activity. It encourages family involvement in meal preparation and has even changed dining habits, with some users reporting reduced frequency of dining out. The griddle’s ability to draw people together, whether in a backyard or a campsite, showcases its role not just as a cooking tool but as a catalyst for social gatherings and creating cherished memories.

In conclusion, the Blackstone griddle, despite some design imperfections, offers a robust cooking experience that can cater to a wide range of culinary needs. It's a worthwhile investment for those who value flexibility, efficiency, and the joy of cooking and sharing good food. With its community-driven popularity and proven performance, the Blackstone griddle is poised to remain a favorite among outdoor cooking aficionados.

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Final Verdict

This grill is fun to use, I think for Burgers and Dogs you're going to have a blast and thin steak will rock. If your looking for that high temperature sear then you'll need something else, but it will cook a mean steak!


Weight ‎42 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎26 x 20 x 15 inches
Wattage N/A
What’s Included ‎Blackstone 2224 On-The-Go 22" Omnivore Tabletop Griddle with Hood